Gästhamn / Guest Harbour

Sailors can reach the Skuleskogen National Park by bus from Docksta

Skuleskogen National Park: overview of the High Coast archipelago from Slåttdalsberget hill.

Skuleskogen National Park: overview of the High Coast archipelago from Slåttdalsberget hill.

It is easier to reach the Skuleskogen from the marina in Docksta. If your are cruising the Höga Kusten, leave your boat safely moored, take the bus and take your walk to the national park.

Overview of Docksta Havet guest harbour. Photo © Courtesy of Mia Wålsten S/Y Atla3

Overview of Docksta Havet guest harbour. Photo © Courtesy of Mia Wålsten S/Y Atla3

At Docksta Havet sailors find dedicated services and moorings to safely leave their boat during their exploring walks of the surroundings.

From the pier of Docksta Havet, now you can head to the nearest park entrance (named “Entré Syd”) also by bus.

The bus line is called Världsarvsbussen Skule, the line is 243.


The nearest bus stop from the marina in Docksta is Skule Friluftsbyn. From there the bus takes you to the Skule Entré Syd stop, where start the well marked paths of varying degrees of difficulty that lead you to everything worth seeing, within forests, hills, bays.

Main attractions are: Hiking on The spectacular views over the national park´s dramatic landscape and the surrounding High Coast.

The 7 meters wide, 30 meters deep “Hell Gab” crevice, which cleaves the Slåttdal mountain in two.

The southerly entrance of Skuleskogen is the nearest to the Slåttdals crevice (Slåttdalskrevan).

The southerly entrance of Skuleskogen is the nearest to the Slåttdals crevice (Slåttdalskrevan).

The bus ticket costs 25:- sek (swedish crowns) for adults (older than 25 y.o.). You can pay aboard with the credit card.

In the afternoon, the bus makes the last tour from Skule Entré Syd to the Skule Naturum Museum and Tourist High Coast Center at the feet of Skuleberget in Docksta.

Hiking the natural paths into the Skuleskogen forest

Skuleskogen is one of the few remaining large, ancient forests of the coastal region. The red coloured Nordingrå granite cliffs, the large uplift coast and the coniferous forest, with rare species of lichens, characterize per park.

Safe moorings near Skuleberget & Skuleskogen natural areas

Docksta is the landmark for Baltic Sea cruisers in the Höga Kusten


When in 2006 the area and the structures of the marina in Docksta were restored, the first goal was to reintroduce moorings, facilities and dedicated services to support sailors & cruisers. It was too long that Docksta was waiting to welcome the long distance sailors again. Second goal was to support sailing experiences within the High Coast and to awake new focus and interest in the natural, cultural and touristic coastal assets of the Höga Kusten / High Coast UNESCO World Heritage.


The beauty of the High Coast waters and its natural coastlines is a great value to share within the international sailing community.

In the Baltic Sea, two general growing trends involve more long distance cruisers:

  • still looking for sailing more close to the Nature, they are escaping from even nice sailing destinations that during the summer are too crowded of boats & people;

  • they don't just love sailing open waters or wild mooring: sailors move inland for great outdoor experiences to share with people onboard.


So, year after year, more boats and crews are sailing up to the northern part of the Baltic Sea and heading to the Swedish High Coast & the Finnish Kvarken Archipelago.

Overview of the piers of the "gästhamn" and Dockstafjärden.

Overview of the piers of the "gästhamn" and Dockstafjärden.

Docksta has become a landmark for many Baltic Sea Cruisers in discovering the best spots: here they can safely moor their sailboats or motor yachts but also can discover the best that the High Coast has to offer ashore.

The guest harbour's location is in the heart of the UNESCO world heritage: in Docksta, we encourage people to pair sailing with walking, biking, hiking (and running!) from the piers.

Sailors start from the marina to enjoy the natural surroundings, the main outdoor activities & the events around Skule mountain.

We highlight them the most stunning paths around Docksta, at different levels of difficulty but overall quite easy and accessible to any family. The national park of Skuleberget is easy to reach from our piers also by bicycle (sailors can also rent our MTB).

We engage them, online and onsite, with free maps for hiking / walking / running

Where is Docksta Havet gästhamn in the Höga Kusten
Docksta Havet overview of the guest harbour

Baltic Cruisers in the Höga Kusten are coming in Docksta from all over the nordic Countries (Sweden, particularly from south of Sweden and Stockholm, Finland, Denmark and Norway), and from abroad (mainly Germany, UK and Holland).

In the guest harbour they find fresh water to refill their tanks and electricity to recharge the boat's batteries, comfortable toilets & showers, a washing machine & dryer to refresh onboard linens & laundry. Docksta village offers useful commercial facilities and shops easy to reach from the piers and connections with the bus lines, the main road (E4) or local TAXI services. On average, they stop at the moorings for a couple of nights.


At Docksta Havet Base Camp, sailors find support across three main assets:

Welcoming them with facilities and quality services for crew and boats moored at the guest harbour.

Informing them about the best outdoor activities & natural assets in the area of Skuleberget and Skuleskogen.

Engaging them in nautical activities & pop-up events on the "waterfront" playground in Docksta and in the Sailor's Club House.

At Docksta Havet Base Camp we care of boat & crew:  if possible,  we assist sailors during their docking  and help them while they are mooring the boat.

At Docksta Havet Base Camp we care of boat & crew: if possible, we assist sailors during their docking and help them while they are mooring the boat.


Skippers, crew and their Guests are welcome into the Sailor's Club House:


For sailors entusiasts that are dreaming to sail the waters of the Höga Kusten UNESCO world heritage in Sweden, online we share topics about sailing and outdoor from the High Coast. 


Highlighting what High Coast Sailors love to do:


SHARING MAPS & TIPs to get the most:


Docksta Havet is HLR: Cruising Association Honorary Local Representative for the High Coast

    Docksta Havet CA Honorary Local Representative for Cruising Association in the High Coast.jpeg
    CA Cruising Association crest.

    CA Cruising Association crest.

    The network of CA Honorary Local Representatives (HLRs) aim to support Cruising Association members while they are visiting or planning to visit specific harbors/ports, or areas like the Höga Kusten, by providing helpful assistance, information and advice - plus a friendly welcome! - to yachtsmen and their crew.

    CA Baltic Section of Cruising Association

    CA Baltic Section of Cruising Association

    Founded in 1908, the Cruising Association ("CA" website is www.cruising.org.uk) has several thousand members, of whom about 900 are "CA Baltic section" members that means they have sailed in Baltic Sea, or are interested in sailing in all the Countries bordering the Baltic Sea - Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland (Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands also form part of the section). Quite a few members are non-British, and/or non-UK-based.

    The aim of CA is to encourage cruising in sail yachts and motor yachts. What is really impressive is how CA Members like and are effective to share experiences, knowledge, and fun to get the most out of their cruising. Information is distribuited through the section's newsletter, website and the forum. For info, please contact the Section Secretaries, Graham and Fay Cattell, at baltic@theca.org.uk or CA staff at office@theca.org.uk.


    Docksta Havet Base Camp is a guest harbour member of the Riksföreningen Gästhamnar Sverige (RGS), its quality is certified 4 stars out of 5.



    Here you can reach or contact us:

    Docksta Havet AB
    Hamnen 10 - 87033 Docksta - Sweden
    phone: +46 76 3136628
    email: dh@dockstahavet.se

    "Winter Wonderland" recalls the perfect Höga Kusten sailing memories

    #winterwonderland is becoming a very popular tag. No surprise.

    Winter view of the Docksta Havet Base Camp

    In the Swedish High Coast people are getting crazy for the beauty of this Winter.

    Now that the days are getting longer, looking outside the frozen piers of the marina becomes easy to start remember the... Summer!

    A winter view of the docks

    Looking at some of the short videos we shot last summer from the pier, we chose a couple of them to share with you, right now that the fjord is about to freeze all the way out to the sea :)


    Overview #fromthepier of High Coast Sailors preparing their boats to leave the mooring in a beautiful morning to head in discovering the beauty of our coastal heritage.


    no matter if Winter Wonderland or Summer Wonderland...

    Summer view of Dockstafjärden from the piers of Docksta Havet Base Camp

    ...the High Coast by the seaside is always magic! So why don't you start to plan your next cruising in the High Coast from here:

    Not only the High Coast is lifting up! The Docks' "uplifting experience"

    The fact that the High Coast is experiencing an uplift does not mean that everything else lifts up accordingly... For example, our Docks. That on the contrary, during last few years, tended to sink... So this year it was time to take care of the problem. As soon as the season was over, we started to dig out the Sailor's Club House's perimeter to reinforce the foundations and lift (and straight) up the building...

    And finally, we were also able to fix the gutter...


    Mooring Rules at the Base Camp

    Mooring at the Base Camp
    • We welcome you to the marina of Docksta Havet and we ask you to please follow the rules of the gästhamn.
    • Your pets are very welcome! Please respect other guests and have your dog on leash and pickup after him.
    • It's forbidden to use the onboard toilets with direct jettison. For your personal care please use the toilets and showers of the marina in the Service Hus.
    • It's forbidden to wash the boats sheding the waste water into the sea.
    • Docksta Havet is not a yard: therefore it's forbidden to make refitting on the boats into the Docksta Havet area without permission. Should you need help to contact local assistance for your onboard appliances or the engine, we will be glad to help you :)
    • It's forbidden to trash within the area exausted oil or batteries.

    Some useful "Nature-friendly" tips

    • For the maintenance of your boat, try to use products with the highest grade of biodegradability and the lowest impact on the environment.
    • Use preferably "miljöbensin" in your outboard.
    • Keep in good efficiency the engine of your boat, checking also periodically eventual lacking of oil or fuel.
    • Pay attention on filling the tank not to shed fuel in the environment.
    • Proceed at low speed along the shoreline, in order to avoid to produce high waves and acoustic pollution.
    • Pay attention not to damage the sea ground when dropping the anchor.

    2011 winter storm at Docksta Havet

    Winter season, albeit pausing of course our activity of hosting boats and sailors, carries sometimes some unwelcomed and unexpected "gifts".

    Some years are better than others, but in spring - prior the opening of the season - there is always a lot of mantainance job to recover the buildings and the piers from the damages that occurred in winter. Winter 2011 has being particularly tough for us and we wanted to report it with this publication.

    Now, after a few years, that devastation is a far memory. Constant mantainance and the aim to improve every year the area have healed the wounds and returned a marina that is, in better, totally transfigured.

    Want to know our story and how we came to this? Read here about us >

    Setting new secure moorings for sailors in Docksta

    Docksta Havet guest harbour

    2006/06/07: The moorings at the Y-boom on the floating wharfs are back available and full working for Sailors cruising to Docksta!

    Today the extraordinary mantainance jobs on the wharf of the guest harbour are concluded. The floating wharf has been fixed and straightened: the anchoring systems has been checked and fixed and the Y-boom arms are back in function.