"Winter Wonderland" recalls the perfect Höga Kusten sailing memories

#winterwonderland is becoming a very popular tag. No surprise.

Winter view of the Docksta Havet Base Camp

In the Swedish High Coast people are getting crazy for the beauty of this Winter.

Now that the days are getting longer, looking outside the frozen piers of the marina becomes easy to start remember the... Summer!

A winter view of the docks

Looking at some of the short videos we shot last summer from the pier, we chose a couple of them to share with you, right now that the fjord is about to freeze all the way out to the sea :)


Overview #fromthepier of High Coast Sailors preparing their boats to leave the mooring in a beautiful morning to head in discovering the beauty of our coastal heritage.


no matter if Winter Wonderland or Summer Wonderland...

Summer view of Dockstafjärden from the piers of Docksta Havet Base Camp

...the High Coast by the seaside is always magic! So why don't you start to plan your next cruising in the High Coast from here: