Sailor's Base Camp | Docksta Havet mitt i Höga Kusten

Docksta Havet Base Camp is a friendly private guest harbour: High Coast Sailors find here attention, safe moorings & dedicated services. 

The marina in Docksta is the best spot near the Skuleberget to leave your boat on secure berths and to easily access the natural surroundings and outdoor activities in the area of Skuleberget and Skuleskogen National Park.

Safe mooring in the High Coast

Easy & safe moorings in the High Coast for enthusiastic Baltic Sea Cruisers

Docksta Havet is the natural “sailor's base camp” to access the High Coast simply, directly and safely or to be comfortable to leave your boat in a safe and controlled place when you need to commute during your holiday.

You can easily moor a sailing or motor boat of any size, even more than 55/60'. The piers and floating wharfs are well protected from the main winds and waves from south are really small within Dockstafjärden.

We have care of your boat & crew: if possible, we assist you during your approach at the harbour and help you while you are mooring your boat.

The marina offers a wide range of facilities and services exclusively reserved to the sailor guests, among which: the Service House with toilets, showers with warm water all day, changing room and laundry area (washing machine and dryer) and a countertop to wash the dishes, the Sailor's Club House (always with fresh free coffee) and free private parking area.

At Docksta Havet Base Camp, you are free to choose between several time given alternatives and seasonal moorings.

Overview map of the marina

Docksta Havet is "gästhamn" since 2006: High Coast Sailors find dedicated attention and care

Since 2006, when we restored the area of the marina, the first aim was reintroducing moorings and dedicated services to support sailors & cruisers in discovering the beauty of the swedish High Coast waters and coastlines.

Docksta Havet is a member of the Riksföreningen Gästhamnar Sverige (RGS), quality certified 4 stars out of 5.

We are High Coast Ambassadors for the Cruising Association (UK).

Services of the marina at Docksta Havet

But, more important, we're sailors, too. We know what you are waiting for and glad to find during your mooring. We hope you will enjoy your stay at Docksta Havet Base Camp!

Inez, skärgårdskryssare, sailing the High Coast
Where is Docksta Havet guest harbour?

Sailing the High Coast, Docksta is the best spot to reach facilities and connections

Docksta is also an exceptional point of connection north/south (close to the main road E4 and bus stops): the Marina offers the smartest connection solutions for the cruisers who want to change crew or want to get there by car and start exploring the High Coast by boat.

50 meters from Docksta Havet there are  two bus stops - "Docksta Marina" and "Docksta Busstation", that connect north/south toward the main Swedish towns (including Stockholm). You also find easy connections to the railway stations in Sundsvall, Härnösand or Örnsköldsvik, and to the airports (Midlanda/Sundsvall, Örnsköldsvik or Kramfors). There are also local TAXI services.

HIGH COAST SAILOR'S TIPS:  Docksta is the best spot to buy food for your galley on board (ICA supermarket is 300 meters from the harbour) or to get assistance and services for your boat.

Safe mooring to easy access to services in the area
At the Base Camp, the “waterfront” and surrounding playground is very special: we aim to suggest you a variety of ways to experience Höga Kusten’s “regeneration” and to find your own special reason for being drawn to our unique coastline and natural heritage.
— Docksta Havet Base Camp


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WELCOME TO All the sailors around the Höga Kusten & the Baltic sea