Since 2006, Docksta Havet AB is working to support sailing experiences in Sweden within the High Coast and to awake new interest in the natural, cultural and touristic coastal assets of the Höga Kusten World Heritage.


The beauty of the High Coast waters and its natural coastlines is a great value to share within the international sailing community. Docksta has become a landmark for many Baltic Sea Cruisers: they are coming in Docksta from all over the nordic Countries (Sweden, particularly from south of Sweden and Stockholm, Finland, Denmark and Norway), and from abroad (mainly Germany, UK and Holland).

Docksta Havet is Cruising Association Honorary Local Representative for the High Coast and the guest guest harbour is member of the Riksföreningen Gästhamnar Sverige >


New! Starting on 2018 Summer season at Docksta Havet Base Camp:


The "Sailor's Base Camp™" project focuses on:

  • highlight many positive features of the High Coast and the tourist qualities of the area of Skule engaging sailors and Baltic Sea cruisers;
  • strengthen communication links within groups (yacht clubs, guest harbours, sailing associations, etc) and between local economic and social communities (and in linking with national and international networks).