Sailing + outdoor fitness: in the High Coast, sailors stay active!


Not only to approach race sailing, sailors need to train arms, legs and core to supports their performance on board. Sailors need to move more even while cruising and to do regular physical activity and exercise.

A long day on the sea involves a lot a confidence in boating routines, but it’s really important also to keep your body trained and to boost your endurance because the work to do onboard is sometimes heavy.

At the same time, the spaces to move your body on a boat are really limited and people spend many hours (too much!) basicly just sitting, while steering, trimming or just standing on the deck while sailing.

Any fitness activity that involves physical movement brings benefits: walking, biking or exercises like weight lifting or bodyweight workouts are great for counteracting long periods of sitting during cruising.


Boaters prove to be increasingly aware of the importance to stay fit while sailing, so here are highlighted many occasions to get moving during cruising holidays in the Höga Kusten.

High Coast sailors love nordic walking


Walking or hiking, if you’re not confident in running, are perfect physical activities to keep you in motion and to break the time you spent boating. Plus, sailing the High Coast, you can enjoy these activities exploring great outdoors immersed in the nature.

Many sailors love to add poles to their walks: they provide balance and stability and reduce impact on the knees and hips. Practicing Nordic Walking you engage up to 90% of your muscles by activating your core and upper body instead of just the lower body during normal walking. Using poles, you burn plus 20-46% more calories than standard walking.

Have you forgotten to add them to your luggage? Don’t worry, you can ask for a pair of poles in the Sailor's Club House!


Sailing + CYCLING

Sailors have offen a pair of folding bikes as tenders: cycling is a smart way to explore and having fun moving your legs. It’s great for sightseeing or to commute to shopping during your cruise along the coastline. 

Starting from your mooring at the marina in Docksta, you have many opportunities to ride: cycling to discover the area around Docksta & Skuleberget and reach the museum “Naturum”, to commute to the southern entrance of the Skuleskogen national park or just to enjoy few kilometers on the sunny terrain roads along Dockstafjärden. We’ll provide you with helpful tips & maps of the best destinations.

If you need a bike more for a guests onboard or you feel that carrying bikes on your boat is a big waste of space, while mooring your boat at Docksta Havet you find mountain bikes for rental.


Walking, Hiking, Biking: here we share thE maps:

Plank exercise is a perfect exercise for sailors

Sailing + EXERCISE

Bodyweight exercises - pushup, squat, lunge, plank - can be done almost anywhere. And doing them on the red granite of Nordingrå just adds fun.

sailors enjoy bodyweight workout while cruising the High Coast

Beginner Bodyweight Circuit Workout


Planks are the best exercises to practice on the pier for core strengthening: you engage multiple muscle groups but it also works gluteus and hamstrings. Planks support posture and improve balance.


A resistance band is a perfect tool to keep aboard when wanting to exercise while cruising: it enables you to do full body workout without using weights or other heavy equipment. 

Another great system to train is a set of TRX straps: they deliver an effective total body workout, they are portable and you can use them anywhere you want: for example by anchoring them on a tree or even onboard on the mast of your sailing boat.

Early morning over the pier, when the air is fresh and the water usually is calm is the perfect moment to start breathing and relax and then to perform few minutes of your daily fitness routines. You’re welcome to enjoy them on the piers or the grass at the marina!


WITH JUST 3/4' of NITRIC OXIDE RELEASE WORKOUT you will work all 16 of your major muscle groups

Nitric Oxide Release Workout (by Dr. Mercola) is a smart and highly effective 4 short series of easy exercises: Squats, Tin Soldier, Snow Angel and Military Press that everybody can do on a daily basis.

Snipe sailor hiking at Docksta Havet Base Camp

Snipe sailor hiking at Docksta Havet Base Camp

Sailors training at the gym in Docksta


While your cruising, don’t let being away from the gym prevent you from working out.

In Docksta, you can keep your session going on thanks to the local passionate gym.

At Pat’s Gym, strength-based exercises with free weights are not just for bodybuilders. Here people are aware of the importance of fitness training.

Weight lifting is a central activity to stay fit and healthy at any ages. It is recommended to improve the strength and muscular endurance to support your daily activities. Working with weights gives special satisfaction. Not only athletes and body builders achieve fun and benefits!

The gym in Docksta is open 24/7 and provides also one session of training with a daily pass formula without membership. Even sailors choose it to perform a full strength training using professional fitness tools for weight lifting during their mooring at Docksta Havet guest harbour.


Are you ready to pump iron as a pro sailor?

Sailors experience trail running while cruising in the High Coast


Running or even better trail running (if you’re a lucky sailor boating along the High Coast) allows you to add just light gear to your sailor’s bag: transpirant T-shirts & pants, a hat to protect you from a bright overhead sun or from falling rain, a hydration backpack and a good, light pair of off-road running shoes.

In the High Coast, your cruising can bring some of the most exciting experiences of running in the Nature you never can even imagine.

Every run in Docksta is unique and an enjoyable experience. You can easily head out on a trail in the woods or a sunny road by the seaside, reaching the beautiful view on Vårdkallberget, hill running up and down the Skuleberget on the best segments of the Höga Kusten Trail race.

There are several trails that we suggest sailors, on distances from few kilometers to half marathon, that they can run, jog or simply walk starting from the pier of the marina.

In Docksta, you can rent a radio controlled yacht


There is a new opportunity to spend a great time by the seaside on the waterfront of Docksta: during the summer, you can have fun racing radio-controlled sailboats: at Docksta Havet Base Camp, you can rent & sail fast DF65 radio yachts in a dedicated arena, with floating marks and different courses.

High Coast sailors explore and climb Skuleberget


Sailors start to see Docksta as the biggest opportunity to practice outdoor activities while cruising the High Coast: you can hike on the paths of Skuleskogen national park or join the climbers at Via Ferrata to reach the peaks of Skuleberget, bike or run many roads or trails by the seaside, or just walk the Höga Kusten Leden in the woods. There are outdoor contests and races to join during the summer, like the Höga Kusten Hike and Höga Kusten Trail or the Swedish Outdoor Festival (Utefest) in September.

Many other events engage you outdoor: starting from the musical concerts at Skuleskogen Naturscen to the Wednesday Evenings at the Toppstugan, the best events you can join in the Höga Kusten around Docksta [see the calendar] are held outdoor and are surrounded by the Nature.

Stay active with 10000 steps walking daily while sailing


For optimal fitness, remember to daily walk 10,000 steps and incorporate regular exercise like strength training into your routine. As a sailor, you are not exempted ;)


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