Docksta Havet flag

In 2006, the goal of "Docksta Havet" idea was to “reinvent” the area of the marina at Docksta - restore and reassess a location in which to develop all the potential of the activities that could exist there. The dream was to make it a beautiful place, where people can meet to do and see, where things happen. The strategic position of the area - within the current tourist and commercial dynamics - assumes an even greater importance and represents an ongoing opportunity to be developed.

Docksta Havet - map of the area

Docksta Havet occupies a private substantial surface area of 9,000 sq. m facing onto the sea on the Dockstafjärden.

It is characterised by a development plan which includes the piers of the private gästhamn, the banks, the new building housing the marina's facilities, the main building (the "Havets Hus" is the headquarter) with the terrace and the hall with a fine seaview, the working Docks, the boat houses and a number of service facilities.

Docksta is located into the most accessible point of the High Coast of Sweden

The marina in Docksta is an accessible point of contact "between land and sea" on the High Coast World Heritage.

Docksta as an unique position in the heart of the Höga Kusten. Thanks to its geographical location and visibility connected to its position overlooking the sea, intersecting the E4, Docksta Havet exploits an exceptional relationship with the seaside, the village and the natural area around the Skuleberget.

"Mellan land och vatten" and "Torget mitt i Höga Kusten" were the payoffs that we chose in 2006 for Docksta Havet's brand: we believed that such an extended and central location deserves a logic of intervention in line with the uniqueness of the site, the buildings and its scenic qualities without limiting itself to the strong fascination transmitted by the architecture of the docks, but rather to continue on to the creation of "a square on the seaside" in the Höga Kusten.

The Docks as they appeared before the restoration in 2006

In the Seventies the marina in Docksta experienced a period of great bustling activity. Then the momentum was lost.

In few decades sailing and sea enthusiasts have seen themselves progressively deprived of a marina that by the end of the Seventies was offering the maximum level of facilities and also provided the only refueling point for sailing boats in the fjord close to the E4.

Looking at the situation of the harbour and the area before April 2006, you see how fast can be the decline of any social and tourist activity as a consequence of the lack of conservation of the structure or the loss of organizational push. So, sailors and long distance cruisers, particularly, were not coming to Docksta anymore.

The doors and the windows of the Docks receive the first restorings

Docksta Havet was born to restore unity to the management of the area, structures, activities and facilities which are part of the marina.

Early in April 2006, the "project" started immediately with a new local organization - Docksta Havet AB which, supported by private investments, reintroduced facilities with an extraordinary maintenance works on the piers and buildings.

By buying the property and deciding to restore the "vitality" of the marina in Docksta, Docksta Havet has warded off a real danger of disappearing having prevented that a logic of dismantling prevails.

On June, 1st 2006 started the first seasonal opening of the Base Camp, with safe moorings and confortable services fully operative and available for sailors and cruisers visiting the guest harbours.