Australian Sailors enjoy the High Coast sailing even late in the season

Even late in September - definitely "low" season, for Baltic cruisers - two Australian sailors enjoy the natural beauty of our coastal heritage.

This beautiful black sailing boat, flying Canadian flag and coming from Vancouver, paid a visit at Docksta Havet Base Camp. High Coast Sailors and their boats have always great stories to share with us! This time was no exception.

The boat was designed by the designer of the two "Gretel", Australian America's Cup yachts, and built in Canada by one of the two sailors onboard. "Skookum I" has a twin sister in Sidney. She was built - and is owned, by the second sailor aboard.

Skookum I, designed by Alan Payne and built in Canada

Skookum I, designed by Alan Payne and built in Canada

They have been exploring the Höga Kusten World Heritage together for the first time, cruising from south of Helsinki for a quick tour before the winter.

The crew of Skookum I arrives at Docksta marina's pier

During the couple of days spent at the marina in Docksta, they went to the Skuleberget but they have been not lucky with the weather, it was raining and foggy. So, they enjoyed riding to  Naturum and had lunch there.

Skookum I tender bikes are ready to take off the pier for Naturum
Free download here the map of the best outdoor activities
in the area of Skuleberget
, starting from the pier of Docksta Havet.

It was really nice to have them moored at the Base Camp and have a coffee together at the Sailor's Club House talking about boats & sailing! Here you see the short video we collected when they left the mooring to continue their cruising.


Finnish Sailors (on a beautiful boat) cruising the High Coast [VIDEO]

S/Y Ottiliana moored at Docksta Havet Base Camp

We collected some videos shared by the crew of the finnish sailing boat "Ottiliana" during their last summer cruising into the Höga Kusten. Particularly, they report their experience into the area of Skuleberget, the moment of taking off from the pier of the marina in Docksta and very nice moments of sailing into the Ullångersfjärden and Dockstafjärden.


S/Y OTTILIANA sailing the Ullångersfjärden to Docksta

Höga Kusten tour 2017

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High Coast Sailors & Friends exploring the top of Skuleberget starting #fromthepier at Docksta Havet Base Camp

Höga Kusten tour 2017



Great sunny & windy sailing from Docksta to discover the stunning coastline of the Höga Kusten World Heritage

Höga Kusten tour 2017

S/Y Ottiliana moored at Docksta Havet Base Camp with on background the Skuleberget

S/Y Ottiliana moored at Docksta Havet Base Camp with on background the Skuleberget


Short presentation of Ottiliana and content of her YouTube channel.

S/Y Ottiliana is a traditionally clinker built cutter rigged sailing boat. Materials used to build her are finnish pine, teak, mahogny, iroko and Siberian larch. Grand Scylla type boat was built in Luvia Sådö boat yard by Björn "Nalle" Nyberg and launched 2003. Here will be shown videos of maintaining and sailing Ottiliana in the Baltic and in the archipelago.