Sailing to Skuleberget and Skuleskogen National Park

To experience the High Coast and its unique mix of sailing, coastal walking and hiking at the top you have to sail out-of-the-way less common destinations and venture to explore with your boat the more internal coast: this allows you to enjoy the real heart of the Höga Kusten World Heritage that will involve you and your crew in unique inspiring experiences of its uncommon natural beauty. 

The entrance of the Dockstafjärden, High Coast

For example, leaving your mooring from Ulvön, Bönhamn or Mjälton, and heading your boat to the entrance of the Ullångersfjärden, you can enjoy the spectacular cruising to the village of Docksta, between Mjällomslandet and Värnsudden / Valabergen.

Entering the Dockstafjärden you have from the water stunning views of three of the most beautiful peaks in the High Coast: Vårdkallberget (264m), Fäberget (197m) and Skuleberget (295m). Then, at the end of the fjord, you reach the moorings of the guest harbour in Docksta that is close to the Skuleberget and the Skuleskogens National Park.

Sailing the High Coast to Docksta
Sailing - Ullånger Docksta fjärden, Höga Kusten

With your boat moored at the marina, that provides a perfect waterside base to Baltic Sea cruisers, you will easy access stunning outdoors in the area of Skule and facilities and commercial shops in Docksta.

HIGH COAST SAILOR'S TIPS: A walk discovering Skuleberget is always spectacular (you can easily reach the top with a chair lift, too) and there are several great paths to hike or biking from the the guest harbour. Seasonally in the area of Docksta, you find opportunities & events - outdoors, music, sport, culture, food - to engage your crew.

The village of Docksta and Skuleberget from the fjord, High Coast
Docksta Havet Base Camp and the Dockstafjärden