Docksta Havet exploits activities and experiences into an area of strong engagement & visibility in the most accessible point of contact between land and sea of the High Coast, where the "marina" ambient can be very distinctive but at the same time affordable.

Mellan Land och Vatten™

The "waterfront" playground at Docksta Havet and the outdoor experiences in the area of Skule can be very special: we hope to be able to give people & sailors a variety of ways to experience Höga Kusten's "regeneration" and to give a chance to find their own special reason for being drawn to our coastline.

Pop-up events in the middle of the High Coast

What plays here? Exhibitions, pop-up stores, summer workshops, indoor and outdoor events, meetings... which can be set-up temporarily at Docksta Havet. For information, please contact us.


events and impressions at Docksta Havet:


The first exhibit to learn Inbound Marketing in Sweden

People have transformed how they consume information, research products and services, make purchasing decisions and share their views and experiences. This is the new world of marketing: one where people have their needs met and their questions answered. Where marketer's goal is to provide us with information that we want, "when" we want it. Now that’s marketing we love.

Sailors invited in discovering Indesit Innex washing machine

During the summer 2013, Docksta Havet and Indesit invited the Sailors cruising the High Coast to discover the new Innex washing machine. For all Base Camp's guests was possible to use it and try the smart Push&Wash program at the Sailor's Service Hus during their mooring. Indesit company has been guest star and good fellow of our summer.


Meet Med: Höga Kusten möter Medelhavets smak

During the summer, Docksta Havet and Apuliens Smak invited the Sailors cruising the High Coast in discovering new products and tastes of the italian Puglia region by listening to stories, learn new recipes and tips on how to use them in a fast and simple way onboard or at home.

ephemerae. Exhibit of the italian artist Nik Ferrando in the High Coast

The experience and the suggestion of his photographic works helps to underline the importance to re-discover and keep memory also of the places where the "world" of land and the sea meet each other. During the summer 2006, Docksta Havet hosted the preview of the exhibition Ephemerae of Nik Ferrando. Here is the gallery of the exhibition.


"The location aspires to become a display of ideas – aware that more ideas mean more events, more events mean more people, more people mean stronger local economies"


the "Torget mitt i Höga Kusten™" project focuses

  • to exploit an area of strong visibility on our coastline to support the local economic and social community;
  • to increase the economic, social and cultural benefits associated to the events of the area.