Nordic walking is a fun fitness activity for sailors in the High Coast

hiking and nordic walking on the Skuleberget
Explore the High Coast from Docksta Havet's piers

Nordic walking is a fun and effective fitness activity that crews can integrate into their existing nature walks during their summer cruise on the High Coast

Walking is especially important to rebalance the many hours we spend sitting, working, driving or at home. And of course, after a few days of sailing, a refreshing nature walk can be a great opportunity to "break" the routine aboard. The crews of boats that target the High Coast summer, usually plan several day trips or walks on the beautiful shorelines during a cruise.

Many boats choose to stop a couple of nights in Docksta just for the opportunity to explore Skuleberget mountain. A hike to the top or to the cave, a visit the Naturum Höga Kusten Museum and the area south of Skuleskogen National Park or just the discovering of the surrounding area of Docksta are an excellent opportunity to involve the crew and the family in a different and exciting afternoon.

We noticed that some crews, particularly from Finland, integrate this technique of Nordic Walking into their nature walks, making use of the poles similar to those used in skiing.

Nordic Walking is a form of aerobic training of great effectiveness, which involves much of the upper-body muscles as well as a great overall cardiovascular workout. It activates more core muscles than normal walking, automatically enhancing the strength, muscle power, balance, stability and increased endurance by using the poles.

The technique involves "just" the inclusion of poles in the normal and natural walking. On YouTube you find several videos which - at various levels - illustrate the Nordic Walking technique and how you can experience it.

The specific poles for Nordic Walking are very lightweight and come in two types; one piece non-adjustable version and telescopic adjustable versions. The telescopic poles are adjustable in length according to your height and thus can be easily placed on board. The appropriate equipment should include: the poles, normal hiking shoes and outdoor clothes for walking or trekking.

The possibility to choose the intensity and difficulty of routes makes it an activity suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. There are several opportunities to practice nordic walking in the surroundings of Docksta so... it's time to moore the boat and take a (nordic) walk! :)