Discovering the High Coast | Seaside impressions Vol. 2

The Ullångersfjärden near Sjöland, Ullånger

The Ullångersfjärden near Sjöland, Ullånger

With this publication we wanted to collect a gallery of images and impressions of one of the most fantastic seaside destination in Sweden, the High Coast / Höga Kusten World Heritage.

Being so many the pictures we thought that deserved to be shared, it ended up in publishing two volumes. Here is the post we made about Volume 1.

They portrait the High Coast coastline in different seasons. Most of the pictures have been taken aroung Ullångersfjärden, but Storsand and Rotsidan are well represented too :)

We hope that these Seaside Impressions lighted up your imagination :) And what not to...

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There is so much to do and see, but - beyond the basics - a safe mooring in the heart of the High Coast is a perfect base camp to start exploring the area >