"What's Marketing that People love?"

Inbound Marketing Exhibit mitt i Höga Kusten - playbill

What we mean when we say that companies and brand need a marketing that people love?

The Internet mobile has transformed how people consume information, research products and services, make purchasing decisions and sharetheir views and experiences.

The customer is more in control than ever — and tunes outtraditional sales and marketing messages more than ever.

Instead of trying to persuade us to change our lives, buy products, or use services, brands must empower people and help them to improve something about their lives or their business.

A temporary exhibit in Sweden, held during the summer at Docksta Havet Base Camp, share this very theme, through an easy path across value and benefits of inbound marketingmethodology.

During the exhibit, inbound marketing experts will be available to answer your questions or provide consultation.

Here we’ll begin by sharing new frontiers where globally the marketing is going, not just where it has been by “exploring” information and resources. The aim is to engage people, profs and marketers, families and businesses. Particularly sailors & crews cruising the High Coast World Heritage in the Baltic Sea during the summer. You’re welcome!”
— Tommaso De Rosa [nowhereagency.com]
What's Marketing that People love? Inbound marketing Exhibit

Welcome to the age of inbound marketing, the marketing that's useful.


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