Innex Indesit | Den första tvättmaskinen alla kan förstå

During the summer 2013, Docksta Havet and Indesit invite the Sailors cruising the High Coast in discovering the new Innex washing machine.

All Base Camp's guests can use it and try the smart Push&Wash program at the Sailor's Service Hus with 1 FREE WASH during their mooring.


We would like to thank you all the Guests and Sailors from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Germany and UK for enjoying the season at the Base Camp and Indesit company, guest star and good fellow of our summer.

Innex. Den första tvättmaskinen alla kan förstå.

Innex Indesit is easy with the "Push & wash" program

Genom att trycka "Push & Wash" knappen, kan du enkelt starta det unika programmet, ett special program utformat för att lösa din daglig tvättbehov.

Push & Wash program (1 tryck)


INDESIT | We work, you play.

Indesit mission: “To create genuinely efficient home appliances that make everyday life easier”

Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, cookers, hoods, ovens and hobs: Indesit Company is one of the European leading manufacturers and distributors of major domestic appliances. It is the undisputed leader in major markets such as Italy, the UK and Russia.
The Indesit philosophy is that life should be devoted to chasing the extraordinary;
 that's why its innovative appliances with technological solutions aim to do the housework in a smart and efficient way, enabling the consumers to simplify and fully enjoy their time. 

Indesit appliances are modern with a distinctive design; an expression of consumer life-style. Indesit is all about smart solutions for enjoying contemporary life.