Explore the High Coast | Docksta Havet mitt i Höga Kusten

Sailing the High Coast World Heritage to discover its natural beauty is pure fun.

Increasing number of boat owners, looking for a style of sailing more close to the Nature, are discovering the High Coast / Höga Kusten in the region Västernorrland in Sweden: 80 km of some of the most spectacular shorelines and waters in the Baltic Sea.

Norrfällsvikens naturreservat, Höga Kusten

The High Coast is a protected area worldwide, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The landscape has been formed by 10.000 years of land uplift, following the last Ice Age. It is characterized by islands, deep inlets and lakes, valleys, steep hillsides and mountains.

Land uplift, brackish water environments, sea level fluctuations, and a lack of tide are features of the High Coast: a unique example of ongoing geological and biological processes and ecosystem development in time and space.

Rotsidan, Höga-Kusten
Ullångersfjärden, Höga Kusten

Stunning coastlines, nature reserves, bird sanctuaries and a national park are probably the greatest attraction for people who reach this area of the Baltic Sea. This provides sailors with interesting and stimulating experiences of outdoors of great natural beauty.

HIGH COAST SAILOR'S TIPS: • To mix sailing & hiking (add to your sailing bag a good pair of hiking shoes and a small backpack with a water reserve).  Explore the more internal coast to step out onto a collection of places and coastline, much of is wonderful.

Högbondens naturreservat, sailing the Höga Kusten

Cruising the waters of the High Coast offers unique experiences

Spring and summer is the ideal time to visit this heritage coastline: when the environment of the Höga Kusten is very special for sailors, too. In the days when the darkness of the night never comes, you couldn't imagine a more inspirational place to sail, look and listen.

Rotsidan, High Coast

Sea, wind, the Nature and the marine fauna are the real protagonists of unforgettable sailing days, both if you are a day cruiser or a long distance sailor.

The High Coast waters are mainly deep and the navigation is always very quiet. This allow you to cruise the beautiful coastlines, islands, bays and fjords safely. You will appreciate to sail being surrounded by the mountains and forests that embrace the seashore.

Ulvöhamn, High Coast

Natural moorings and harbours are never crowded even during the "high" season (July). It's common to navigate "alone" along the coast, happy to meet only a few boats.

If we take the weather out of the equation and get to understand that we could go to the sea even late of May or middle of September, instead of just four/five weeks during the Summer, we'll discover there is always something we can do on our boat, so... make time to explore!


Sailing to the heart of the World Heritage: experience Skuleberget and Skuleskogen National Park >


First step to appreciate what we see and explore is to understand what are we standing by.