Race around a set course into the High Coast Radio Sailing Arena

Rent a fast Play2Sail radio sailboat and practice your maneuvers or race your friends around the courses into a dedicated racing area - the Höga Kusten Radioseglararena, on the waterfront of Docksta Havet Base Camp.

Play2Sail radio sailboat rental offers you to enjoy different course options that are set with colored floating marks. From the pier you can easily radio control your sailboat and follow safely the game.


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You can set your own regatta to race your friends or other sailors. The Arena and the racing area have been enhanced to provide you with the truly experience and excitement of the sailing racing.

Radio sailing follows the same racing rules as full size yachts, involving similar skills in race management and strategies, boat positioning, tactics.


Are you a proud owner of a radio sailing yacht?

You're welcome to sail your own boat into the Höga Kusten Radioseglararena:

PLAY2SAIL | höga Kusten radioseglararena


60:- sek

Each session of 60 mins, on the race course


Your guests or family will love to stay at Docksta Havet Base Camp: from the pier, they can safely follow the radio sailboats in action or, sitting with a cup of coffee into the Sailor's Club House, relaxing and enjoying the affordable nautical ambient of the marina in Docksta.