Docksta Havet: a meeting and visibility point. Vi träffas där!

Docksta Havet exploits marketing activities into an area of strong visibility in the most accessible point of contact between land and sea on our coastline, where the "marina" ambient can be very distinctive but at the same time affordable.

We share the priority that initiatives are necessary to strengthen communication links within groups and between local communities (and in linking with national and international networks), in order to highlight many positive features of the High Coast which, due to the vastness of the territory on which they stand, currently experience fragmentary and occasional use.


What plays here? Exhibitions, pop-up stores, summer workshops, indoor and outdoor events, meetings... which can be set-up temporarily at Docksta Havet...

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Docksta Havet AB

Address: Hamnen 10
87033 Docksta - Sweden
+46 (0)76 3136628

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Indesit Innex vid havet på Docksta Havet Base Camp (Sommar 2013)


2013 Event: The new Innex washing machine is a “2013 special guest” at Docksta Havet base camp

Indesit Company Nordics AB invites you to try the "Push & Wash" program by giving your crew 1 free wash during your mooring!