The Marina in Docksta

The piers of the private gästhamn, the banks, the new building housing the marine facilities make Docksta Havet the natural “base camp” to access the sea simply, directly and safely in the heart of the High Coast World Heritage.
You can easily enjoy the recreational opportunities in the area: you can walk to the top of Skuleberget or visit the Naturum Höga Kusten museum, bike to Skuleskogen National Park, walk around Ullångersfjärden or Norrfjärden.


At the Base Camp you may find Sail&Bike:

it allows you to moor your boat at the guest harbor and to rent a mountain bike for you and your crew, to enjoy the fantastic natural surroundings around Docksta.



Facilities in Docksta - The center of Docksta is 100 mt from the gästhamn. There you may find several commercial and service facilities: a supermarket (ICA), a blacksmith shop (Docksta Järn), a petrol station (Preem) and other shops. There are also accomodations (camping, cottages or stugor to hire).

50mt from Docksta Havet there is a bus stop - Docksta Marina - that connects north/south toward the main Swedish towns (including Stockholm). There is also the dock of the boat traffic lines to Ullånger, Mjällomslandet and Ulvön island with daily tours.

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Docksta Havet Bookshelf: see our flip brochures of the High Coast

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Nordic Walking



Höga Kusten

Sailing the High Coast: Dockstafjärden
The Sailor's Club House at Docksta Havet
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Docksta Havet AB

Address: Hamnen 10
87033 Docksta - Sweden
+46 (0)76 3136628

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To moor your boat at Docksta Havet Base Camp, you will find time given alternatives and seasonal moorings

Docksta Havet is a member of the Riksföreningen Gästhamnar Sverige (RGS), quality certified 4 stars out of 5.

The marina is private and offers a wide range of facilities and services reserved for our guests: the Service Hus with toilets, showers ie. warm water all day, changing room and laundry area (washing machine & dryer), the Sailor’s Club House, a private (free) parking area.


Moorings at Docksta Havet Base Camp: costs and info

Docksta Havet Pit-Stop (2 hrs. max)

To jump to the commercial and service facilities in the village (the center of Docksta is 100 mt. from the Marina) or just for technical stops nearby the E4 highway.
Pris gästplatser: 60:- sek (Service Hus is excluded from this formula)

Docksta Havet Today

Your daily Base Camp to enjoy the recreational events and natural opportunities in the area: to walk to the top of Skuleberget, visit the new Naturum Höga Kusten museum, bike to Skuleskogen national park and more!
Pris gästplatser: 140:- sek
from your arrival until 17.00 (including Service Hus and showers).

Docksta Havet Today+Night

Pris gästplatser: 180:- sek (including Service Hus and showers)
from your arrival until 12.00 a.m. of the next day. After 12.00 a.m. you must confirm an additional day or depart.

Docksta Havet Weekend (from Friday to Monday - 3 nights)

Ideal to plan - based in Docksta - your nautical tour in the heart of the High Coast.
Pris gästplatser: 360:- sek (including Service Hus and showers)
from your arrival on Friday until 12.00 a.m. of Monday.

Docksta Havet Seven (7 days)

It's the best choice for you if you would like to explore the High Coast during your holidays and would like to moor your boat for a full week.
Pris gästplatser: 900:- sek (including Service Hus and showers)

Docksta Havet Summer (season)

We reserve limited places to have your boat at the Base Camp all summer.
For more information or to book your place at Docksta Havet for the season, please contact us >

Docksta Havet Facilities

All mooring formulas above are without electricity (utan el).
Water: 40:- sek
Electricity: 40:- sek (dygn/day)
Washingmachine and dryer: 40:- sek (per tvätt/wash)

All the prices are in SEK (Swedish Krona).
It's possible to pay also in Euro.

Docksta Havet Service Hus

The access to the "Service Hus" (excluded in the Pit-Stop formula) with toilets, showers with warm water, changing room and laundry area (washing machine & dryer), is allowed all day by entering a personal code (which is obtained upon registering).


Free unattended parking is available at the marina for our guests. For long term parking, we ask our guests to show on their dashboard the coupon that will be released when registering.

Check in

At any time during the day, when you arrive with your boat at the pier of the gästhamn, you must check-in :) to pay the overnight fees and to receive the key code of the Service hus.


Moor your boat and rent a bike at Docksta Havet Base Camp


Sail&Bike is the formula that allows you to moor the boat in the marina and rent a mountain bike for you and your family or crew: a good opportunity to have fun and to break the on board routine.



Here are the prices of Sail&Bike service, including the mooring of your boat at the gästhamn ("Today" and "Today+Night" formula):

Sail&Bike at Docksta Havet Base Camp

1 Mountain Bike: 80:- sek (dygn/day)
to rent together with your mooring formula

  • 1 bike + helmet&lock - available from 10.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. of the same day


Sail&Bike is a service available at Docksta Havet Base Camp.


The Sailor's Club House at Docksta Havet Base camp

Sea lovers are welcome to visit the Sailor's Club House: 100 sqm. dedicated to our guests, to relax reading a selection of books and sailing magazines, to drink a coffee with us, collect information to explore the surroundings or to have a look at the Sea Shop Corner for the sailors...

Just sit down in the sofa with a cup of coffee and indulge yourself with the magical attraction of the water, turn your back for even just a single day on the apparent safety of everyday life. The "waterfront" playground at Docksta Havet is very special: we aim to give you a variety of ways to experience Höga Kusten's "regeneration" and to find your own special reason for being drawn to our unique coastline. You're also welcome to join exhibitions or events at Docksta Havet.


How to reach? Skuleberget, Naturum Höga Kusten Museum, Skuleskogen national park, Docksta, Linbanan, Labyrinten och Rövarbyn, the bus stop Docksta Marina, the petrol station Docksta Baren... starting from the Base Camp ;)

Many crews start from the Base Camp at Docksta to play outdoor activities discovering the surrounding area of Docksta. Here is a very simple map (you can read online or print avoiding to download on your computer) to show how to reach facilities and resourses starting from your boat moored at Docksta Havet gästhamn ...see full screen >>


Docksta Havet: rules of the marina


...check-in, mooring rules, some useful "Nature-friendly" tips... >>



Nordic walking is a fun and effective fitness activity that crews can integrate into their existing nature walks during their summer cruise on the High Coast

Many boats choose to stop a couple of nights at the Docksta Havet Base Camp just for the opportunity to explore Skuleberget mountain. There are many opportunities to explore Skuleberget, from hiking to the top of the mountain, the cave, to visiting the Naturum Höga Kusten Museum, the southern area of Skuleskogen National Park to discovering the surrounding area of Docksta. We have noticed that some crews, particularly from Finland, use the technique of Nordic Walking with the use of poles similar to those used in skiing. more >>


The High Coast (Höga Kusten) / Kvarken Archipelago world heritage site

We continue our path of deepening the discovery of the High Coast. Together, Höga Kusten and Kvaken Archipelago form a complementary geological complex featuring land uplift unlike anything found elsewhere in the world. more >>


The marine realm of the High Coast

"The special feature of the marine realm, imparting the greatest scientific significance, is that it represents the submarine extension of the topographical continuum of landscapes undergoing isostatic uplift." more >>