Welcome to the High Coast at Docksta Havet

The marina in Docksta is the natural “base camp” to access the sea simply, directly and safely in the heart of the High Coast, some of the most spectacular shoreline and waters in the Baltic Sea. The High Coast or “Höga Kusten” in Swedish is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its particular landscape and beauty. It is pure fun for sailors!


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Docksta Havet AB is working to support sailing experiences in Sweden within the High Coast and awake new interest in the natural, cultural and touristic coastal assets of the Höga Kusten World Heritage.

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Docksta Havet AB

Address: Hamnen 10
87033 Docksta - Sweden
+46 (0)76 3136628

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Events and impressions at Docksta Havet



The "waterfront" playground at Docksta can be very special: we hope to be able to give people a variety of ways to experience Höga Kusten's "regeneration" and to give a chance to find their own special reason for being drawn to the coast-line.


  • Frederich Mancosu's High Coast Impressions

    He went up to the Höga Kusten during his photographic travel across Sweden. >>

  • ephemerae - Nik Ferrando

    The experience and the suggestion of his photographic works helps to underline the importance to re-discover and keep memory also of the places where the "world" of land and the sea meet each other. >>
  • ephemerae - The exhibition

    During the summer 2006, Docksta Havet hosted the preview of the exhibition Ephemerae of Nik Ferrando. Here is the gallery of the exhibition.  >>
  • Few words about Nik

    "... Nik is very different from how you could imagine looking at his exterior figure you perceive meeting him. Think that it does not exist any photo of him, no interview, he very seldom speaks with his clients." >>
  • Docks Portraits

  • The fisherman's boat

    Some months ago we launched an appeal on this website trying to rebuild the history of our fishing boat at Docksta Havet. >>
  • ...a Snipe is sailing!

  • Matteo from the High Coast

    Here is the blog Matteo is writing from the High Coast >>