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Welcome at Docksta Havet in the High Coast!

In 2006, the objective of "Docksta Havet" project was to “reinvent” the area of the marina at Docksta, restore it from the dereliction it was left, reassess it and make it a beautiful place, where people can meet to do and see, where things happen and a location in which to develop all the potential of the activities that could exist there.

Docksta Havet is located into an area of strong visibility in the most accessible point of contact between land and sea on our coastline.

Havets Hus & Docks: the large buildings facing onto the sea could also be used as an exhibition area for shows and events, all year round.

We believe that such an extended and central location, with interesting buildings and an exceptional relationship with the water, deserves a logic of intervention in line with the uniqueness of the site and its scenic qualities without limiting itself to the strong fascination transmitted by the architecture of the docks, but rather to continue on to the creation of a square community in Höga Kusten.

The map of the area:


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Here you can contact us:

Docksta Havet AB

Hamnen 10 - 87033 Docksta - Sweden

+46 (0)76 3136628








Docksta Havet Projects
Docksta Havet AB

Address: Hamnen 10
87033 Docksta - Sweden
+46 (0)76 3136628

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April 2006: Docksta Havet was born

flag2.gifApril 2006: Docksta Havet was born just to restore unity to the management of the area, the structures, activities and facilities which are part of the marina.

Docksta Havet will have a new, broader objective: look and relate itself with the Höga Kusten, expanding to the region focusing on the tourist qualities of the area and the development of all its most important cultural and production features.

Through its local organization and facilities and, thanks to its geographical location and visibility connected to its position overlooking the sea, intersecting the E4, Docksta Havet is determined to:

  • support the local economic and social community giving it the opportunity to exploit an area of strong visibility on our coastline
  • increase the economic, social and cultural benefits associated to the events of the area

“Höga Kusten Utredningen - Huvudrapport”: Docksta Havet is located in the most accessible point of contact between land and sea on our coastline


“Within the Höga Kusten, the zone around Skule with the densely populated area of Docksta is characterised by its unique position. A variety of reasons combine to make Docksta the pivotal landmark within Höga Kusten for the ongoing development of the recreational resources of the territory. Thanks to its central location within the Höga Kusten and directly connected with the E4 route, the important holiday traffic artery (and now also commercial and shopping artery towards the main cities of the county, Editor’s note) Docksta is a natural centre of the communications network. Today it is also the outlet for an important network of collective navigation, with regular services to the Island of Ulvön during summer. Fishing parties and short-haul cruises also depart from the area. The E4 opens out onto the sea at Docksta, making the territory point of contact between the land and the sea”. (“Höga Kusten Utredningen - Huvudrapport” 1974)

“Inom Höga Kusten intar området kring Skuleberget med Docksta tätort en särställning. Många olika skäl talar tillsammans för att Docksta är den punkt i Höga Kusten som har de största förutsättningarna att fungera som centralpunkt for en forsatt utveckling av rekreationsresurserna i planeringområdet. Genom sitt centrala geografiska läge i Höga Kusten och direkt anslutning till den stora pulsådern för semestertrafick (och nu även för handels- och shoppingtrafik till länets viktigaste städer, redaktörens kommentar), nämligen E4, utgör Docksta ett naturligt kommunikationscentrum. Docksta är också idag utgångspunkten för en omfattande kollektiv båttrafik med reguljära turer under sommaren till Ulvönhamn. Även fisketurarrangemang och kortare kryssningar utgår från orten. E4 har nära anslutning till havet inom Docksta och ger därmed orten en särprägel av intensiv kontaktpunkt mellan land och hav”.(“Höga Kusten Utredningen - Huvudrapport” 1974)

Docksta Havet is located into an area of strong visibility in the most accessible point of contact between land and sea on the Höga Kusten's coastline.


Docksta Havet, a meeting and visibility point in the High Coast

If the location plays a fundamental role in the positive features of an event, Docksta Havet encompasses the logistics but above all the emotional, memorable and unique potential required to make it a meeting point where the social and economic community can initiate and consolidate new international contacts through better visibility of its assets and better means of communication.

It will be possible to transcend visitor expectations thanks to the “ease” of access to Docksta, attracting and promoting event ideas with indigenous advantages, which have not yet been clearly expressed beyond its borders.

EPHNIK_48b.gifIt also represents a stimulating challenge of great potential for Docksta Havet that seeks the opportunity to promote many positive features of the area which, due to the vastness of the territory on which they stand, currently experience fragmentary and occasional use. Above all Docksta Havet aspires to become a display of ideas – aware that more ideas mean more events, more events mean more people, more people mean stronger local economies – and will aim at enhancing the quality of its events through the propagation of knowledge and experience between the partners involved.



Docksta Havet occupies a private substantial surface area of 9,000 sq. m facing onto the sea

Docksta Havet occupies a private substantial surface area of 9,000 sq. m facing onto the sea on the Ullångersfjärden and is characterised by a development plan which includes the piers of the private gästhamn, the banks, the new building housing the marina's facilities, the main building - Havets Hus - with the terrace and the hall with a fine view, the working Docks, the boat houses and a number of service facilities.


In the Seventies it experienced a period of great bustling activity; today, though its strategic position within the current tourist and commercial dynamics assumes an even greater importance, it represents an opportunity to be developed to restore vitality, having successfully warded off a real danger of disappearing having prevented that a logic of dismantling prevails. As a consequence of the lack of conservation of the structure and the failure to appreciate its true potential, hoards of sailing enthusiasts have seen themselves progressively deprived of a marina offering the maximum level of facilities, which also provided the only refuelling point for sailing boats in the fjord close to the E4.


Pre-existing situation: March 2006

An overview of the area of the marina in Docksta, before to relaunch it with Docksta Havet project in April 2006.


The first steps: April 2006

Due to the preceding situation, Docksta Havet faced the need to carry out extraordinary and ordinary maintenance works on the piers and the embankments to remedy their degradation as well as reclamation and partial reconstruction in tandem with the redevelopment of the basins to accommodate the boats.

The jobs has started immediately early in April 2006 and within June the first step of jobs will be concluded, just in time for the starting of the season.


First extraordinary operations:

Fixing the floating wharf: